Scoped Tabs

Scoped Tabs

A tab keeps related content in a single container that is shown and hidden through navigation.



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About Base

A scoped tabset style has a closed container with a defined border. Initialize a scoped tab set by applying the .slds-tab_scoped class to the containing <div> around the tab list and tab panels. The <ul> element also requires the class .slds-tab_scoped__nav to prevent styles from bleeding into nested tabs.

About Scoped Tabs

Because tab sets can be nested, pay close attention to the markup. They are constructed to prevent styles from leaking from parent tab sets into child tab sets.

JavaScript Needs

The active tab has two markup requirements:

  • The .slds-active class should be placed on the li with .slds-tabs_{variant}__item.
  • The corresponding .slds-tabs_{variant}__content container receives .slds-show.

Inactive .slds-tabs_{variant}__content containers receive .slds-hide. When the user clicks a different tab, move the .slds-active class and toggle the .slds-hide/.slds-show classes.


Tabbed UIs have three parts with specific ARIA role requirements:

  • The tab list, which should have role="tablist"
  • The tabs in that list, which should each be an <a role="tab"> anchor wrapped in a <li role="presentation"> list item
  • The tab panels, which display each tab’s content and should each have role="tabpanel"

Expected markup:

  • Selected tab’s anchor has aria-selected="true", all other tabs’ anchors have aria-selected="false"
  • Selected tab’s anchor has tabindex="0", all other tabs have tabindex="-1"
  • Each tab’s anchor has an aria-controls attribute whose value is the id of the associated <div role="tabpanel">
  • Each tab panel has an aria-labelledby attribute whose value is the id of its associated <a role="tab">

Expected keyboard interactions:

  • Arrow keys, when focus is on selected tab, cycle selection to the next or previous tab
  • Tab key, when focus is before the tab list, moves focus to the selected tab
  • Tab key, when focus is on selected tab, moves focus into the selected tab’s associated tab panel or to the next focusable element on the page if that panel has no focusable elements
  • Shift+Tab keys, when focus is on first element in a tab panel, move focus to the selected tab

Overview of CSS Classes


Initializes scoped tabs


Creates the container for the default tabs

Restrict.slds-tabs_scoped ul

Styles each list item as a single tab

Restrict.slds-tabs_scoped ul li

Styles each actionable element inside each tab item

Restrict.slds-tabs_scoped__item a

Active state for a tab item


Styles each tab content wrapper

Restrict.slds-tabs_scoped div